Scuba Bonaire: Angel City, June 19th

Some days the dive sites are far apart, and sometimes you go one site down the road and get back in the water. This was the second kind of day. We took the carcycle a few hundred meters down the road, had a between-dive empanada hot out of the “dashboard warming oven,” and set up our gear in the sand.

Since Angel City is right next to Alice in Wonderland, they’re quite similar double-reef sites. This one seemed almost more rugged, with many big coral structures. (Andrew’s maturity is on full display here.)

We especially liked this “arrangement”… it turns out that those beautiful spiral “flowers” are actually worms. Calvin would have loved scuba diving. Also, giant tube sponges are also cool.

It’s Angel City, so of course we have to note that there were angel fish. Here’s french on the left, and queen on the right. I should note though that these are the only angels we saw; given the name, we’d been hoping for hoards, or at least juveniles, and neither presented. Still, angels!

And maybe even better, there was this old cranky turtle, covered in barnacles that are probably older than we are.

Also neat: a spotted moray eel, and a peacock flounder with an unusually contrasting background. They’re just really funky-looking animals!

One of the other highlights was finding two scorpionfish asleep on the same little pedestal.

And finally, having established a pattern, we’d feel remiss if we didn’t include at least one filefish and one parrotfish.

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