Scuba Bonaire: Angel City, July 5

We got together with Dorothy Rose, and met up at Wannadive South to gear up for a two-tank day. After some discussion, we settled on Angel City as our first stop. We’d had a “reversal” on July 3rd, which we’ll write about later; the gist is that hurricane Elsa caused the wind and waves to come from the south, stirring up sand and flinging it all over the reef. So there’s a clear contrast with our last visit, where the coral was cleaner and visibility was better, to this dive, which took place on the inside of a snow globe.

Still a nice dive; it had big coral and plenty of fish. Just a little disappointing with the colors washed out.

Check out the size of this (black?) grouper! And on the right, front and side views of the same white spotted filefish (spots currently withdrawn).

And finally, critters: here’s a giant anemone, and a couple of spiral worms nestled in some coral.

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