Scuba Bonaire: Karpata, July 2nd

We set off from Wannadive North, aiming to dive La Diana’s Leap. This is a drift that starts at a cliff wall and exits at Karpata. But between the conditions (3′ breakers smashing into the entry point), and Jazz feeling *ahem* some stomach discomfort, we decided to chicken out and just dive Karpata again. Despite having to pull over twice on the way there, we still managed to get a dive in, and that’s a testament to Jazz’s fortitude. And it was a lovely dive, with varied coral and interesting critters.

But we almost couldn’t pay attention to any of that, because one bar jack with a giant scar on his back decided to utterly steal the show. This same guy followed us around for forty minutes, bombing all our photos and apparently desperately trying to communicate some urgent fact about humans and water.

After a while we started to wonder if one of our friends had recently gotten into a disagreement with the fey. We did manage to take some other pictures, like of some cleaner shrimp and this arrow crab.

And he’s back, folks. Look at the determination on that little face!

He did eventually give up on communicating with us, or he just wasn’t interested in following us into shallower water. So we had a chance to stop laughing into our regulators and check out some other critters. Like this bubble algae masquerading as a pearl, or this extremely photogenic flamingo tongue.

Also in the shallows, an intermediate spotted drum (no spots just yet), a camera-shy blenny, and of course, a young stoplight parrotfish.

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