Scuba Bonaire: Alice in Wonderland, June 19

Alice in Wonderland is another double-reef site along the southern end of Bonaire’s west coast. We assume it gets this name for the big coral pillars and mushroom-shaped structures atop the outer reef. It really does give you the feeling that you’re in a different world. I mean, more than scuba diving usually does. It’s also a little complicated to figure out how far to go along the outer reef, as there aren’t full coral bridges between the two. Here’s Jazz, asking me if this is the right place to cross.

It’s not all coral structures; the fish were out to play, too. Here’s a porcupinefish just hovering over the sand channel between the reefs, yet another whitespotted filefish, and some jacks out patrolling the blue.

We got a visit from some black margates, and found a sea cucumber hiding under some rocks.

The back reef was fun as well; here we are, just chillin’. A couple more entries for our filefish-file, plus a schoolmaster snapper and a yellowhead wrasse.

And! Squid! 🙂


  1. I continue to enjoy your cruising posts.
    Probably repeating myself, but we trailer our 17 ft . runabout up to Salem Mass. and put around Marblehead Harbor and Salem Sound for about an hour, and then come back to the boat ramp.
    Your expedition cruising is amazing. — Doug Swain

    1. Glad you’re enjoying! The expedition style certainly gets you more miles from home, but we do miss the hot water showers after the boat is safely stowed. 🙂

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