Scuba Bonaire: Jeff Davis Memorial, June 21

After utterly failing to put together a plan ahead of time, we decided that a last-minute dive was the best way we could celebrate Jazz’s birthday. So after a debacle of a slow morning, we packed up the Carcycle and headed north. Several people had told us that break-ins were common, so we’d made it a policy to leave the car unlocked and empty during dives. Jeff Davis gave us a nice reminder of why we do this: it’s hard to see much more than a greenish tinge in the photo, but the parking lot is covered with several distinct, recent-looking piles of safety glass.

This is probably an especially good place for break-ins, because a screen of scrub trees and a drop-off separate the parking lot from the water.

Of course, it was about when we were taking those pictures that we discovered that the camera hadn’t charged the previous night, and we had about 6% battery left. So we took a couple of selfies at the start of the dive, just to remember the day. And then the camera died just as Jazz spotted a lettuce slug. Ah well. It was a lovely dive.

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