Cabo Rojo, PR

We had a nice brisk sail down the coast to the southwest corner of the island.

We had a bit of a rough time anchoring, with our primary anchor out of commission and only 65 feet of chain on the backup. So after the third time plowing the sea floor as the anchor didn’t catch, we moved the bigger anchor onto the backup windlass, and then everything held just fine. By that time we were a little cranky and it was getting dark, so we were very happy to have the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers. Captain, as always, was very interested in the turkey.

The anchorage was rolly, so our friends, anchored nearby, wanted to get out early. With two hulls it wasn’t nearly as bad, so we had a relaxed morning and then went hiking. Our first stop was the lighthouse on the point, and we were in time to fly the drone and catch Ddraig on her way out.

The rest of the hike around the point was lovely. Cliffs like a less dramatic Dover, a quaint little lighthouse, and plenty of mosquitos in the mangroves. Jazz even voluntarily approached an iguana!

Then back to the boat, and east along the coast to La Parguera.


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