La Parguera, PR

La Parguera is a small party town, which only comes to life on the weekends. We didn’t know that, and showed up on a Saturday afternoon, and anchored amid about fifty little pleasure motorboats, which of course zip around checking out the exotic sailboat and getting in the way. There are a ton of mooring balls, but mostly they’re either shallow and designed for tiny boats, or marked “day use only”. So, after chickening out on several attempts to get close to a couple of balls, in several different areas, we dropped anchor in about five feet of water. We have several sets of charts, and none of them seem to be either detailed or accurate… ah well.

So it was a zoo outside on Saturday night, and most of Sunday, and we took the opportunity to decorate the house for the season. And since Captain put himself in the middle of things, he got decorated as well.

We eventually did dinghy into the ghost town on Monday, with the Kraken team leading the way. Most of the coast is covered with these pretty (rental?) houses, though some of the town seems to have seen better days.

The town was mostly empty (have I said that yet?), but we had some passable mojitos at the local place, and we found some groceries and craft beers at the gas station, of all places. Here’s the crew walking home.

We poked at the beach, because we’d heard that the wall on the outside of the cays had an interesting reef system, but there was a lot of surge, so we didn’t go into the water. We did, however, visit a little parklet on one of the keys, which gives you some idea what the beach looked like. No hammocks permitted.

Before the next weekend, we left for Ponce, hoping to find some good salsa dancing.

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