Boquerón, PR

A short afternoon sail took us down the coast to Boquerón. This is supposed to be the local party town, but as we’re finding, this island only lights up on the weekends. So we were amused to see the stark warnings against glass bottles and coolers, and the infrastructure to support many drunken revelers, all standing empty. A skeleton town, you could say.

But we had a great time hanging out in the big, protected bay. We had nice slow mornings, and then brought the cat paddle-boarding, which is his favorite.

The town was partly slow because it was Thanksgiving, so Kraken, Ddraig, and Villa Veritas teamed up to make a killer beachside thanksgiving dinner. Actually Ddraig were the real heroes, roasting a whole turkey on their grill, and whipping out gravy and dressing with gluten-free variations! We helped a little, providing passable potatoes, and we at least helped set up the tables.

The next day, we explored a little further into the town. There’s a small park by the coast, with a boardwalk that takes you into the mangrove swamp-forest. It’s neat to see all the mangrove shoots and delicate spiderwebs, and of course all the bottlefish.

We also walked through the bright, colorful downtown, and into the more reserved residential areas. The fire department building is apparently one of the famous historical sites. We were also amused to see a covered basketball court – mostly in contrast to the DR. Also, I have been inside boats and airplanes and New York apartments, and I have never seen a toilet with so little legroom.

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