Painting the Bimini Roof

Minor project post. Lots of boats have a stretched piece of canvas for a bimini. Ours has a similar frame, but stretched over it is a hard sheet of plastic. Over time, that sheet has accumulated lots of little patched holes for various pieces of gear that have come and gone, and gotten generally dingy. Here it is after a thorough cleaning and sanding:

So, we decided it could use a coat of paint. We wrapped everything below in plastic sheeting, which of course Captain decided was a new jungle gym for him to explore.

I drew the short straw and had to put the paint on in the Luperon breeze, which kept the plastic billowing and fixed all my attention on drip prevention. Jazz played paparazzi through the sheet.

Two coats later, it makes a surprisingly big difference to the cockpit. It’s also a cleaner backdrop for our inevitable under-way photos, elegant and mundane.

…Lest, gentle reader, you come to think that we ignore the small things. Next stop: raising those sides for a clearer view, and doing something about the color of that tubing!

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