DR Touristing: Las Terrenas

We moved out of la Casita Blanquita in a rush to the deadline, as with every move-out. We had a plan, but two days before move-out, our primary stuff-moving asset (Sombra) started making a funny noise, and went into the shop for “a couple of hours”. Two days later, the needed part arrived, the repair was completed, and we scrambled to pile everything out of the house and into the boat, except for a weekend’s worth of travel gear. We stuffed Sombra’s trunk full of luggage and litter box, and collected the Kraken crew and their kitten for a last road trip.

We headed east, and when lunch time came around, we stopped at a likely-looking restaurant that turned out to be a farm. It also turned out to be owned by an old Kraken family friend, from the same two-thousand person town in Canada! We had a great lunch with some unexpected catch-up. We also got to introduce Captain to his first hammock.

He was not in love with the concept; he got back to the car and promptly passed out again.

A little further along the (very pretty) road, we got our first view of Las Terrenas at a slightly ridiculous road stop.

We drove down a dirt road that did not inspire confidence at all, and arrived at a lovely AirBnB. The cats wasted no time in exploring the whole thing, and finding all the best places to nap.

So we had a really nice little vacation. We rode horses through some jungle.

When our group passed by these kids, they decided that they would try it too.

We took surfing lessons – or at least, two from each family did. We did … OK.

Actually Jazz did great, as she’s surfed many times before. But she got “tired” and retired to a hammock. Rum can make one very tired.

Meanwhile, Don and Lisa, on photo duty, left us some presents to find later.

And we had some great meals. It’s always nice to get into real towns with good restaurants. Actually at one (El Dieciocho), we spent some time chatting with the chef, and it turned out that he had a friend looking for a car. So before the end of the weekend, we had a new lead on selling Sombra. That lead ended up panning out, and Sombra is now in the hands of a nice Canadian couple.

Maybe most importantly, we had a great time hanging around the house with the cats.

Always remember to dance your cats!

But, eventually, it was time to go home. Captain and Honeybadger were not actually allowed to drive.

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