DR Touristing: Fricolandia

Relatively short post. Kraken had been to this odd and funky resort-by-the-shore months ago, and we finally got around to going with them. The grounds are, indeed, spectacular, and so we had a nice explore.

We were especially fond of this very tasteful mermaid sitting in one of the waterside huts.

And, of course, we enjoyed finding their backup battery system, which is definitely up to code.

However, we found their drinks were boring and their service was surly, so we left as quickly as we’d come. Instead, we headed further west, to check out La Casa Del Pie Negro, reputed to have excellent pizza. The pizza was the best we’ve had in the DR, though that bar is fairly low, and the views from the pool were nice.

So we had a nice day hanging out there in their hammocks and rocking chairs, before heading back to Luperon.

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