Naming Ceremony: Check!

We toasted Neptune and Aeolus, poured one out for Poseidon, and have officially sanctified the new name. Henceforth, she shall be known as the Villa Veritas. Captain even tossed some tuna overboard to appease the dolphins. I’m not sure he really understood what was going on, but he enjoyed the rest of the tuna afterward. It was perhaps not our best-rehearsed performance, but we had a tolerant audience of good friends, so it was all fun all around.

Still in Ft Pierce, still getting ready. Having people over at least set some fire under us to get the boat organized inside, so while there are still projects to be done, the space at least feels more livable, and the hull is all cleaned and shiny. Slow and steady progress. Bahamas, we haven’t forgotten you!

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