When you’re provisioning and candy is on sale

These will be hidden throughout our other provisions as presents for our forgetful future selves. Will they all melt together into sour patch lumps? Most likely. Will we eat them with a fork? I decline to answer that question.

Also, Captain was very helpful throughout the process, as always. Here we see him playing “If it fits, I sits” with the box I was trying to use to catch crumbs. Subtext: there will be rice crispy treats in our future.

Bengal in a box. Shirt reads "Coolest dog in the world".

We’re in the final stretches, and hopefully should be hitting the open ocean in the next couple of weeks. Updates to come! Fingers crossed, but then uncrossed because crossed fingers aren’t great for working.


    1. I’m not sure Captain really has a concept of irony. Mostly he cycles between hungry, hyper, and sleepy. He’s definitely not in on the joke.

      Actually the shirt is a couple of jokes for us. He’s the most dog-like cat I’ve ever seen. He’s both playful and cuddly, he walks on a leash, and this morning he spontaneously decided he would play fetch – this despite me trying unsuccessfully to teach him the step-by-step way. Leash training was actually the same: experts recommend this long process where you get the cat familiar with the harness, and then with wearing it, then moving in it, and finally having a leash attached… With Captain, we basically just put the whole thing on him and he was ready to go.

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