Slow and Steady, it’s Not a Race

We miss the spinnaker, and we keep considering sending Jazz up the mast to put in the new halyard, but the boat is rolling and that means the mast is swinging around a lot. And we don’t have a helmet on board. We’re still moving, just not super fast. We put out the downwind pole yesterday and that helps. We wish it telescoped, but this is what we could find in the DR when we decided we needed one. Buy everything you need before leaving the States.

In unrelated boat progress, Andrew finally finished fixing the mount for our barbecue, so once we arrive we can grill for the first time in the Pacific. One thing fixed, another breaks: our second cockpit speaker gave up the ghost, so we’re back to portables for outdoor music. These were new from Dutch Sint Maarten almost three years ago, so we should probably have figured it was time. Three years is apparently about how long boat electronics last.

Somehow Jazz has just gotten a sore throat, presumably something she picked up while fighting for eggs in a crowded supermarket on our last day in Bora Bora; longer story. Hopefully Andrew dodges the bullet but we shall see. We’re armed with pounds of tea and weird glass vials of zinc from Tahiti, and we’ll get through it.

586 miles to Apia.


  1. No risking climbing for Jazz! Sorry for the sore throat, I hope it’s a nothing burger. Stay safe and happy grilling!

  2. Glad for the updates, a bit like a soap opera in bite sized chunks. You are learning and sharing some good rules of thumb that I honestly hope I won’t need. 😀 We are tempted to jump on a plane for Apia, but instead we are headed the other way to Slovenia the 30th. Atlas Obscura offered a Forrest to Table tour that sounds right up Pat’s alley, so we will meander through Venice and Slovenia, foraging for food and a good time. Hope your journey has more joy than aggravation. Hugs, Jon and Pat

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