Captain Cat Crosses the Pacific

First, the humans turned on the stupid noise box, and we started moving.

I was kind of salty about it for a bit, and stayed in the carrier.

The humans tried to be comforting, but they are only humans.

My normal eating space was a little louder than usual, so the humans fed me further back in the boat. And then I went back to bed.

Sometimes there were birds, but I couldn’t get to them because it was too wet.

We got to play games, which was fun.

They put up the big colorful sail, and the boat was mostly staying in one place so I got to take a look around the topside.

Greeting my favorite human. He always falls for the big eyes.

They set up decorations, but they didn’t let me chew on them.

And the paper just hung around, with the humans ignoring it. Weird.

But then they gave me tuna, so I guess I don’t mind all the paper.

I spent a lot of time in my house. And… part-way out of my house.

And sleeping in various other places.

My other favorite place is the Captain’s chair. It’s named after me, that’s how I know it’s mine, and it’s the best place to watch sunsets.

I also spent a lot of time playing with my favorite human. It’s Dad, he’s my favorite.

We arrived, and instead of horizon there were mountains, and the boat didn’t move as much, but my life didn’t fundamentally change.

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