Last Day at Sea

By this time tomorrow we should be checked into French Polynesia. It’ll be weird being back on stable ground and talking to other humans.

Yesterday was beautiful spinnaker sailing on smooth seas under clear skies. It was flat enough for breakfast soup, which turned out to be the best format for the crystallized eggs that we’ve found so far. The night was overcast but still pleasantly warm, and still so flat that Captain Cat kept trying to go outside for his regular patrols.

Then this morning Poseidon sent us a little squall, as if to remind us that this nice smooth sailing we’ve been having is a privilege and not a right. So we took down the spinnaker, and then spent an hour speeding along, taking big waves over the side and into the cockpit. It’s back to “normal” now, but we may still have to shed some sail to slow down and arrive in daylight.

77 miles to go.


  1. I’m loving the text updates during the crossing! Thanks for sharing. I’m using you for inspiration for a trip I want to take in a few years.

    Found a minor bug on the site. “Travel Map” page links to “tracker/”, not “/track/”, as you probably intent.

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