Course Correction

We heard yesterday that the boat that was “a little NW of us” is now some twelve hundred miles behind, still north of the equator and fighting currents to get south. Their passage is now much longer than they planned and they’re talking about eating a lot more rice… It was hard to read that email estimating two weeks of decent food and three or more of travel. Fingers crossed for their fishing. For interested parties: Jazz has been on a sailboat that ran out of food before, and so we’re heavily overprovisioned, but it’s feeling more reasonable to have all the extra food on hand right now. (E.g. easily 40 pounds just of canned meat…)

In brighter and happier news, nights are getting warmer so there’s no overnight dew. Last week the cockpit was literally dripping after sunset, like a constant light rain, soaking the cushions and forcing Jazz inside for the prettiest part of the night before moonrise.

Also in happy news, we’ve been told that rules have been relaxed, and we can now check in at Hiva Oa. This is great, because it’s upwind of Nuku Hiva so it’s hard to go the other way, and the southern Marquesas are supposed to be beautiful. We’re still working out the legal details, but we’re optimistically updating our course.

385 miles on the old rhumb line,
347 miles on the new one.

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