Day 27: Out of Eggs

Yesterday we put out the downwind pole on the genoa, which means we’ve now used every normal sail configuration on this trip, at least on the port tack. This morning the wind lightened enough to put the spinnaker up, which is our favorite: it’s the most comfortable, and it leaves the solar panels in full sun for most of the day. The forecast looks like it’s going to stay up for a while, too.

We’re officially down to crystallized eggs now. They’re… fine. Texturally, scrambled eggs, but the taste is best covered up with hot sauce.

It’s surprised us how dirty the sides of the boat are getting on this trip. Normally we associate growth with dirty bays, not the open ocean. But it turns out that with the waves keeping the freeboard wet, slime climbs up the sides above the antifouling paint. It’s gross, but not much we can do about it until we arrive.

665 miles to go.

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