Big Waves

We aimed for a rain shower yesterday, hoping for a rinse, but couldn’t quite catch it. At the time, wind was light enough that we weren’t worried about extra from the squall. It’s picked up slowly, and the waves have picked up more, so we spent the night surfing at crazy speeds.

Meanwhile we’ve been chatting with another boat for the past couple of weeks. They were a few degrees northwest of us before we passed the Galapagos. They’re currently becalmed north of the equator, and predicting another 24 days to get to the Marquesas! We’re super thankful for our spinnaker, which let us make progress through days of light wind… looks like 8 more days for us.

In the afternoon, a big wave from an unusual angle sent a big splash into our two open roof hatches. Captain, sleeping in his carrier, was in the line of fire, and he jolted awake and literally shit himself. Not badly, just a little turdlet, but still a first for the poor guy.

We ran into a cliffhanger ending in our audiobook series, and it turns out we’re missing the next book. This is our second long passage where we got the downloads wrong. Jazz had a secondary device with the audio downloads as a back up and unfortunately missed this book on both devices. We’ll just have to wait until landfall to find out what happens.

1099 miles left on the rhumb line.


    1. We carry a Jordan series drogue! But we weren’t anywhere close to needing it. We never even had to take more than one reef in the main and a couple of wraps on the genoa! Super easy sailing.

  1. Check for chafe on the halyards. It’s amazing how much they wear…especially on the chute. Glad you are getting close!

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