Ever Westward

Solar is back up and running, we had a breaker that’s the right size, if not the right shape, in our stock of spares. It’ll make it to Nuku Hiva, and longer if it has to.

Captain found another flying fish in the cockpit last night, a big one. So today we’ll be shaking scales out of the cockpit mats. He doesn’t eat it or even really bat at it, but it’s a (strong!) new smell, so he’s interested. Moon is nearly full which means it’s harder to see the stars, but the moonsets are beautiful. Venus, Jupiter, and Mars are nearly lined up and light up our wake.

We’ve felt really happy and at home for most of the trip; even the shaking and pounding at the start were outweighed by relief at having finally left. But today’s the first day that Jazz is sad, because she’s missing her friend’s wedding. Sorry Alex, we love you.

1275 miles to go on the rhumb line.

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