Scuba Bonaire: Tolo, August 13th

For our second dive of the day, we continued north along the one-way coastal road to Tolo, still tagging along on Dorothy Rose’s truck day. As on previous visits, we found it gorgeous and full of life, and well worth the forced return trip through Rincon. Like this juvenile yellowtail damselfish, which we love but rarely see. Or like the aquatic salsa dancers on the right.

We see lots of tube, vase and barrel sponges. We haven’t seen as many of these: on the left is a rope sponge, and on the right, an encrusting octopus sponge.

No idea what this guy on the left is, but we thought it was cool looking. On the right, a juvenile drum and a goldentail moray. These guys look like fantasy dragons, it’s both creepy and fantastic.

From the department of small stuff, here’s a squat anemone shrimp just outside a corkscrew anemone. On the right, a jewel urchin, and some kind of hairy or decorator crab.

Speaking of small things, check out this nearly-invisible guy on the left. We think it’s a tunicate colony? And on the right, a group of splitcrown feather duster worms.

We swear there were fish. Just, for whatever reason, we didn’t take a lot of pictures of those. Instead, here are even more tiny things: a little family of flamingo tongues.

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