Scuba Bonaire: Jeff Davis Memorial, August 13th

We thought we’d had our last Bonaire shore dive, but then Dorothy Rose invited us to come along on their Rust Bucket day. And you just don’t turn down dives, so we grabbed our gear and hopped in the truck. Once again, Sally met us at the site for the first dive of the day. As on our previous dive, we got into the water and were greeted by comb jellies. It must be the season.

We got to the drop-off, and found a big school of chromis.

Here’s a hermit crab and a purse crab.

And two apparently rare finds, courtesy of Sally, who got excited about both. We’ve never seen a fish quite like these, and we think they’re probably golden basslets. And on the right, a big colony of candy cane coral. We’ve seen these things alone, but never in a group like this.

We’re still figuring out how to take pictures with help from a flashlight. Here are three bad attempts: a look down the business end of a clam, a lionfish, and a branching anemone hosting a squat anemone shrimp.

In related badly-lit-but-cool photos, here’s a sun anemone shrimp, and a lettuce slug all twisted up and showing its back side.

Here we have big schools of grunts and goatfish.

And finally, some coral scenes, a barred hamlet, and a greater soapfish.

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