Scuba Klein Bonaire: Mi Dushi, August 5th

Everyone woke up from their between-dive naps, and we moved a couple of mooring balls down Klein’s coast to a site called Mi Dushi – “my sweetie” in the local creole, Papiamentu.

And it was a pretty sweet site indeed, with big soft corals and some really impressive sponges.

Both of those things host critters, like the coral shrimp on this vase sponge, or the anemone shrimp living in the branching anemone on the right. (See them? They’re about 1cm long.)

Or from the crab department, this yellowline arrow crab, or the mottled purse crab on the right – not to be confused with the smaller “clutch crab”, which we have not yet seen. (That’s not a joke, that’s just a really funny real thing.)

I’m starting to think we take too many pictures of filefish, but they’re just so weird looking. Here’s also a flamingo tongue and a sneaky golden moray.

As we got up towards our safety stop, we found this little patch of fire coral with several different fish (groupers, Spanish hogfish, and jacks) all going crazy around it. We couldn’t figure out what they were interested in, but there was another golden moray in the action too.

Back on the boat, we stayed at Klein to watch the sunset. The island is usually between the mooring field and the setting sun, so seeing the sun hit the horizon (with a green flash!) is a nice treat. We got back, and Drew cooked us yet another meal. Just a super lovely day.

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