Southern Bequia

We sailed out of Admiralty Bay, rounded the corner at West Cay, and motored through Adams Bay to Petit Nevis. Rain was threatening off and on, and we were treated to a lovely double rainbow over Isle a Quatre.

The weather kept us mostly inside for the next day, and we finally started Jazz on No Stress Chess. The sky cleared for a few minutes here and there, and we managed to pop out and take some pictures of the anchorage.

But mostly, the view was more like this.

Captain had absolutely no problem with the lazy day. Every day is a lazy day when you’re a cat.

Lazy, that is, until lunch comes around and there’s a remote possibility that he might be able to scrounge some turkey.

The next day, things cleared up a bit, and we went for a brief hike on the island. There was clearly some work on a resort at some point, now abandoned. All that remains are a crumbling dock, some retaining walls that now form a path, and some palm trees that, while not naturally occurring here, are still quite pretty. There’s also a sort-of-guard-dog who appears to live on the island, and though he seemed a little curious about us, he kept his distance.

That afternoon we had the best snorkeling of our trip through the Grenadines, and those photos are already posted. Then we fought the cat off of our afternoon snack. And weighed him in the traditional fashion.

In the morning, I suited up to take advantage of the nice current and give the boat a quick scrape. (The critters that like to live in the algae on the hull also like to bite, so full coverage is nice, if not always flattering..)

And we headed across the channel to Friendship Bay, which was rumored to be better protected and less rolly. It mostly delivered on that, though the price was murkier water. We took the cat in to shore for a quick hike up to the boat building museum, which was closed but still peruse-able due to the big open windows. Captain did not care about the boats, or the view over the anchorage, though he liked the part where he could walk on a trail. He might have been more interested if he’d figured out that the boats were resting on real whale bones.

Captain was much less excited about the next part, where we decided to walk along the beach to a bar that the internet told us was open. Captain does not like sand or waves. Oh, the faces he made! And worst of all, the internet was lying to us, and there were no sundowners to be had. When we got back to the dock, he was very excited to be back on solid ground.

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  1. Does Captain like carrots? Mercy loves them and comes running when she hears the “tink-tink” of the veggie scraper coming out of the drawer….. Also, no one ever told me there’s such a thing as No Stress Chess. My parents should have taught us No Stress Bridge!

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