Snorkeling Petit Nevis

Real Nevis didn’t let us in, so we were a little tickled to be able to anchor at Petit Nevis. There was some roll at times, but the snorkeling was so good that we ended up staying three nights. We’ll probably write more about the island when we talk about our trip through the Grenadines, but for now, here are some pictures of the things we saw under water. Click for the slideshow.


  1. You guys are my spirit animals! 🙂

    I managed to get away to Cabo with a special wonderful friend…. and that means being in beautiful sunshine and escaping the smoke but… but the snorkeling here is no Great Barrier Reef. 😉

    I’m excited you guys are still having fun and finding some good fishies.

    Big hugs, Noske.

  2. Quality of your underwater pics turned out awesome, good work Andrew! Think that is a caribbean sharpnose puffer… looks like it was in a fight… was it… captain cat? lol

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