Quick update in the days of COVID-19

Most importantly, we’re safe and well, “sheltering in place” at anchor in White House Bay in St Kitts. There are no confirmed cases here, though we’ve heard rumors that this is due to lack of testing. Several of the surrounding islands have closed their borders, so our travel plans are in limbo for a while. But if we had to stay here, we’d be fine: we’ve got plenty of provisions, we make our own water, and we’ve even got our friends from Kraken in the bay with us. You may have read Jazz’s post about her neck injury, which is healing (if frustratingly slowly), and so maybe it’s not the worst timing to be stuck for a while.

We’ve been falling behind on posting, and this may be our chance to catch up a bit. I’m going to continue to pretend that I’m writing as we go, since this is something of a journal-scrapbook for us. So if you’re confused about why I’m writing about wandering freely around a world without coronavirus, or about where we actually are right now, you can always find our up-to-date location on the Villa Tracker page. The link also lives in the main menu.

In the meantime, we will do our best to emulate Captain, who continues to handle the crisis with grace and wisdom.

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