Salinas, PR

We’re slowly catching up to present: we arrived in Salinas on December 12th. Our main mission was to leave our boat for a few days and go to San Juan. Our friends Kraken and Ddraig were also coming in, so our first stop after we anchored was to take some “situational intelligence” drone photos. Lots of boats here! But also plenty of room for more. We anchored in the shallows, of course.

So we went to shore a bit, and explored the little town. We found a restaurant with empanadillas and a rubber ball dispenser.

We found the ghost of a laundromat.

And we found Christmas decorations and Mojitos, of course..

And in one case, we walked to a bakery, and we got a little sweaty.

But mostly, it was our jumping-off point for San Juan, so we rented a car. According to our guidebook, public transportation is easy, so we made a reservation in a nearby town where we got an excellent deal on the rental. Unfortunately, our book is out of date: there is no longer a reliable system of “publico” busses, because “everyone has a car now”. So, we got ourselves to Caguas the old-fashioned way: relying on the kindness of strangers.

And so we got to the car rental place, and I can’t resist posting the excellent sign from their bathroom.

Such faith in Humanity!

In San Juan, we picked up our badly-needed parts, so when we got back, Jazz finally got to replace the motor in our primary windlass. We can anchor with a button again!

And finally, we put Captain in his new Christmas suit.

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