Cambridge Cay

From Warderick Wells we headed south to Cambridge Cay, on the promise of beautiful snorkeling at a site called The Aquarium. Our friends from Warderick, Dorothy Rose, had come down as well, and we all zipped over together in their larger and faster dingy. The site turns out to be aptly named: we slipped into the water in the middle of a cloud of curious fish. You’re not supposed to feed them, but from their friendly approaches I’m guessing not everyone follows that rule.

As at Warderick, the snorkeling window is only as wide as slack tide. So we made some stops on the way back, but with an eye to the gradually building current. Close to the Aquarium, there’s a little wrecked plane, surrounded by taller but deeper coral heads that I’m sure would be fun to spend more time exploring, probably with dive gear. Future travelers, leave Florida earlier than we!

We tried to squeeze in one more stop, at Rocky Dundas cave on the other side of the mooring field. As we passed through, we ran into SeaQuester, also down from Warderick. They knew where the cave was, so they jumped in the dink to play guide. The tides let us into the cave, past the watchful eyes of one lone, long skinny fish (I really need to learn to tell these apart. As far as I’m concerned right now, everything is a barracuda until proven otherwise). There is supposedly interesting coral outside the cave as well, but by the time we were back out, we were past the time for safe exploring, so we all headed back to the boats.

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