Status update: still in Georgia, bigger family

We haven’t been posting much, because we’re still in Brunswick getting ready to go, and because we have an incredible new distraction on our hands. We are now the proud parents of Captain Cat! He’s started posting on Instagram, so check him out there. I’ll try to resist posting his pictures to other places, but it’ll be hard because he’s very cute. See for yourself!

Other than Captain, all our updates are pretty mundane. We’re organizing the inside of the boat, and ordering more supplies. We’ve scrapped plans for an arch over the transom, because we’ve been told that this boat doesn’t tolerate weight on the edges well. So instead, we’re putting “walk-on” (aka “really don’t walk on”) panels on the top of the deck. We’ve ordered a water maker – the Spectra 200T seems to be the best on gallons per watt, though it’s uncomfortably pricey. We bit the bullet and bought a Sailrite, so we’ll eventually be making our own Spinnaker and Jordan drogue. And so many little projects. Hopefully we’ll write some of those up sometime soon. In the meantime, here’s Jazz trying to eat the cat:


  1. Is it a bengal cat?! I babysat a serval cat for a week in 2009, very powerful, very big, always getting into trouble knocking over stuff and def. not a lap cat 🙂

    1. Yup, he’s a bengal! He’s definitely very energetic, and he’s probably going to get very big. But he’s also very cuddly (lap cat so far!), and gentle with us when he’s paying attention. He’s also already walking on a leash – very trainable!

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