Sunset in the marina today

After traveling to two weddings this month, we’re back on the boat for good now. Today’s project was cleaning the mainsheet traveler and figuring out how to service the winches (apparently these are Andersen’s pre-1993 iteration of 46ST…), and picking up an embarrassing number of packages from the marina office (New bridle! Portable shade! Laundry detergent!) but all that’s much less exciting than this sunset. The temperature is coming down, so it’s not miserable to be outside, and the mosquitoes seem to have settled down at least a little.

I’m still working out how to get the header image to display the way I want it to (actually, I’m not working on this at all, I’m just planning on working on it someday.) So in the meantime, here’s the picture again, clickable for a full screen version.


  1. you guys gotta LEAVE! I’m ready to see this ship set sail!!!!! OK OK, I’ll be patient. What a great sunset. and great quality pic. so rare these days

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