Captain Cat Sails to Samoa

We went to sea again, and the Authorities quickly understood my protest and turned off the noise box. We had some nice peaceful sailing, and even though we passed land and didn’t stop, there were Birds so that was OK. I tried to run outside and cackle at them, but I was stopped and made to dance. Humiliating.

They made it up to me, though, because they got a new box out for me to sleep in.

They kicked me out of there, something about washing a sail, but I have other places to sleep. Sadly, I can’t seem to catch a nap without being molested by the paparazzi.

The humans are very bad at sailing, so it’s a good thing I’m here to supervise. Here, I’m making sure they got the downwind pole right.

Here I’m manning the wheel while the crew takes care of my litter pads.

And here, I’m inspecting the mainsail, and supervising Dad’s smelly paint job. Don’t tell anyone I said this, but Dad is way more interesting than Mom is.

He grooms me, and lets me stare out at the water. But only when he’s outside; I’m secretly only out there to make sure none of the humans try going swimming. The big idiots.

Even though they’re dumb, I’m training them to give me treats when I meow, and it’s going OK. Dad’s better at it; mom doesn’t seem to understand “meow” at all.

You have to be careful with the humans, because they need supervision, but if you watch them too closely you might end up getting more belly-rubs than you really bargained on.

So, all in all, it was a nice passage. I kept my watches, and slept on my nap schedule, and only occasionally slipped into derp territory.

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