ReVision II Made It

For those of you interested in the boat that was at sea with us, eating fried flying deck fish and struggling to get south: ReVision II has arrived in Nuku Hiva. Their final count was 74 days, likely setting this year’s crossing time record. For comparison, we took 32 days, and our friends on Waterhorse (a Fontaine Pagiot 46) did it in 21. Wow.

We are still happily isolated in Raroia, snorkeling with sharks, manta rays, and octopi. We even saw our first frogfish. During the day we have beautiful islands, and at night, we can watch the milky way travel across the sky. Despite this being paradise, we will be leaving this evening for a night passage to Makemo, because we only have 90 days to spend in French Polynesia.


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