Many Marine Mammals

Yesterday we spotted whales in the distance, first a spout and then a couple of breaches before they disappeared below. After spending most of the afternoon outside, we went inside for dinner. As we sat down to eat, we heard a whistling sound. New noises on the boat are usually cause for concern, so when it didn’t immediately go away, we reluctantly went outside to investigate. But it turned out to be a pod of dolphins, really big ones, passing right under the boat and presumably gossiping about our big colorful sail.

The wind died around 1am, and we doused and raised the spinnaker a couple of times. The current took us west as we floated.

We spotted the dolphins again briefly this morning, as we hauled along doing 7+ knots with the spinnaker at the edge of a small squall. We’ve since switched back to the sloop rig to point a little further south. It’s nice when the wind cooperates.

2180 miles to go on the rhumb line.

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