New Shellbacks!

We finally made it across the equator yesterday, so Jazz (having crossed ten years ago) got to play Queen Neptune and induct Captain and Andrew into the society of Shellbacks. We celebrated by sharing a bottle of prosecco, our first drinks since Panama, wearing fancy fish-themed crowns courtesy of the queen. She also put a crown on Otto, our autopilot and most valuable crew member. Captain did not like his crown and did not want prosecco, but he got a can of tuna so he was happy too.

Wind was light through the afternoon and night, then died completely in the morning. We dropped the sails in a thick fog that would put Karl from San Francisco to shame. Villa is doing her best impression of an island, but now it’s a south Pacific island, so we’ll be honoring that by going for an afternoon swim. And hoping the wind picks up so we can get moving again. As nice as this is, there are only so many eggs on board, and the fraction of bad ones is creeping upward.

2365 miles to go on the rhumb line.

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