Light Wind Days

Gorgeous spinnaker sailing yesterday. We made the same good speed as when we were getting the shit kicked out of us last week, but Villa felt more comfortable than she has in many anchorages. The water was mostly flat, and the sun came out and hit the solar panels all morning. We cleaned a little, and had a delicious Indian curry under a golden sky, mirrored in the endless water.

The only downside is that Captain is also comfortable, and thinks he should be allowed to play outside. The sea birds, still somehow “decorating” our boat this far from land, are probably not helping that. They managed to poop right through a five-inch gap in Jazz’s window, fortunately only hitting her laundry bag.

Overnight, the wind dropped away completely. In a first for us, we dropped the spinnaker and just… floated, making about five miles over six dead hours. The temperature dropped to a frigid 77°F, and Jazz had to wear a jacket as she put up the decorations for our equator crossing ceremony.

The wind came back around four am, and since then we’ve been headed west. The wind is pretty far south so we likely won’t cross the equator today. Waves are a little bigger but still slow and therefore pretty comfortable.

Cracked open our first rotten egg this morning, yolk stuck to the side of the shell and turning black at the interface, clearly just getting started so it didn’t stink up the whole galley. Day twelve, so we’d started cracking eggs into a test bowl just in case, but Andrew’s still a little disappointed that it’s already started. Most of the veggies have been fine so far, we’ve lost a couple of limes and a cucumber, and a few layers of cabbage. But then, cabbage is a vegetable we buy to throw away by degrees.

2599 miles on the rhumb line.

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