Considering Adding a Toilet Seatbelt

We decided yesterday that the plastic bolts that had been failing to hold the toilet seat on needed to be upgraded — we had tightened one an hour prior to finding it all the way out and on the floor. In their place we now have two spares that had been intended for the engine, with some big lock washers. Imagine the vibration and moment that could unscrew a three inch bolt, and you can see why Jazz is jokingly contemplating toilet seatbelts. It’s difficult to stay on the pot for the whole performance.

We’ve been sailing since the last post, autopilot in wind vane mode, and making pretty good if uncomfortable time. Otto has been a steadfast crew member, and even when he failed and accidentally tacked us in the afternoon, we’re pretty sure it’s because he wanted us to come out and see the huge pod of dolphins. We may not love these big waves but they seemed to be having a great time with them, doing flips and spins as they jumped improbably far out of the water. Sadly the waves were too much fun for them and they didn’t come play in our wake, and the salt spray was too heavy to bring out the camera.

We got a message from another boat in the area, who apparently ended up too far north and wanted to know about the conditions down here. They were contemplating heading back to Panama but are now tacking southeast towards us. So maybe we’ll see another boat; it’s been about five days. Not that we’re lonely, the blue-breaked birds are keeping us company. We had four or five fighting over our railing the past few evenings, and we don’t bother to shoo them as our deck is getting rinsed every few minutes.

Still holding at 54 degrees, and looking forward to turning off of the wind.

3133 miles to go on the rhumb line.

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