Scuba Bonaire: Sally’s Yard, August 6th

For our second dive of the day, Sally took us to another of her favorite spots: the reef just outside of her house. This made setup easy, and gave us a nice place to sit down and eat King Kong burgers between dives. Garlic fries before a dive? Not recommended; save them for another time.

So we got in the water, and immediately, bam! Queen triggerfish.

The coral was nice and healthy, too.

One neat thing about this dive is that we saw French angelfish in every life stage, from tiny can’t-swim-just-flops-around-wildly juvenile with their blue-spotted fin tips, up through adult, with the transitionals still in the process of giving up their stripes.

Not surprisingly, there were lots of other kinds of fish too. Like this buttered hamlet and yellowtailed parrotfish.

Or this purple-headed wrasse, and this… well, it’s some kind of goby, but we can’t tell them apart yet.

All in all, a very pleasant dive. Lots of floating around. Here, Jazz with her head up and Sally with her head down.


    1. It varies throughout the dive. I think the deepest photos are in the beginning, around 60 or 70 feet, and the shallowest are around 10-15.

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