Snorkel Bonaire: Klein, and Something Special

Nautilife took us for a day trip to Klein Bonaire, along with a couple of other young people. Of course we totally failed at taking photos above the water, but we did bring the camera for some snorkeling. We were on the ball for Carl’s Hill, which proved to be a lovely place. And it was a nice reminder that snorkeling is also fun, and there are neat things even in the shallow water. Here are some black durgeons, angelfish, and a whole lot of wrasses.

Plus, Jazz loves her new swimming pants. It’s nice not to have to deal with all that wetsuit and gear.

We take the rules about not touching the coral very seriously, of course. But sometimes…

Here’s a another school of wrasses hanging out over a tube sponge, plus a soapfish, and some white spotted filefish.

When we got back to the mooring field, another boater swung by and told us that she’d found two octopuses right near our boats! So naturally we had to go investigate. The big one didn’t want to come out of its hidey-hole (Jazz, below, is staring down its one exposed eye). But the little one put on a color-changing show for us.

The trip to Klein was so much fun that we did it again just a few days later. This time, couple number 3 was our yoga teacher Elisabeta and her husband, and we remembered to take a couple of above-water pictures. Here’s Elisabeta teaching the benefits of downward-dog-on-a-trampoline. You can tell which one of us is the professional. Lunch followed, and was delicious – thanks Drew!

We spent a little less time in the water this round, but still saw some neat things. Like these houndfish (we think?), and this little (paired-bell?) siphonophore.

There was also some coral, and some sponges…

…and a turtle!

Any day with turtles is a good day, and we had a nice pleasant ride back to town.

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