Scuba Bonaire: Bloodlet, July 15th

Dorothy Rose invited us diving from their mothership, so we loaded our gear and ourselves onto their boat and set off for points north. We had a lovely motor up the coastline, where we commenced setting up our gear. Look at all those beautiful bottles of nitrox!

Bloodlet, and adjacent site Rappel, are not reachable by land, due to the steep cliff along the shoreline. But the dive buoy offers an easy access point to this lovely site.

There was some chop at the waterline, but once we got below, we found ourselves once again in barely any current, moving along a wall of some of the healthiest coral we’ve seen in Bonaire.

Unsurprisingly, there were also lots of fish. Like this baloonfish chilling out in an elephant-ear sponge. Or these coral shrimp, and crevalle jacks.

This scorpionfish, trumpetfish, and sharptail eel are also usual suspects, as is the school of creole wrasse.

We turned around and came back in shallower water, where we found some neat pillar structures.

A couple places featured wall-like formations.

And near the end of the dive, almost right under the boat, we found a coral formation with a bunch of cool stuff in it. Here’s a flamingo tongue, a slender filefish, and a “die”, aka a juvenile spotted trunkfish. Cool stuff!

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