Scuba Bonaire: Invisibles, July 6

This was our second visit to Invisibles, and like the last time, we totally missed a landmark and got lost. The first time, it was because Andrew got disoriented. This time, Jazz led, we descended to the north of the sand channel, and we found an extra reef island that she took to be the first. We still made it to the magical second reef, though, and found it full of healthy coral and big fish, like these pompanos with their long fins, or the absolutely huge school of chromis in front of an impressively large school of crevalle jacks.

The back reef had some fun surprises as well, like this tiger tail sea cucumber, and this yellow-head wrasse. Or, clockwise, the scrawled filefish, school of sergent majors, or the obligatory parrotfish in front of a particularly bulbous coral head.

We also found some bigger schools, like these grunts. Mostly smallmouth on the left, I think, with a bunch of french mixed in on the right.

It was also a good day for small things. Here’s our best shot to date of a blenny, left (with an eel in the background!). And to the right, some banded coral shrimp above, and arrow crabs below.

Net result: this remains one of our favorite sites.

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