Scuba Bonaire: Tolo, June 28

We mentioned we’ve been doing a lot of yoga. Well, we made some friends, and one of them took us diving in his much larger car. We went to his favorite site, Tolo, for our first repeat dive. Here we are gearing up…

It remains a great wall dive, with lots of sponges and alien-looking hard coral formations.

There were entirely too many lionfish. I counted at least nine. These are cool-looking fish, sure, but they eat their weight in juvenile reef fish every day.

Not all the good stuff had been eaten just yet, though. Here’s a rare in-focus shot of a peterson cleaning shrimp, a “very well concealed” trumpetfish, and a juvenile trunkfish a little bigger than the one in our previous post.

Speaking of box fish, here’s a honeycomb cowfish changing colors. These are all the same fish!

And, of course, all the usual suspects were there. Here are some chromis, a sharpnose puffer, and of course, a parrotfish.

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