Scuba Bonaire: Tori’s Reef, June 14th

Tori’s Reef has one of the easiest entrances on the island, because you enter the water through a “river” which I’m pretty sure is overflow drainage for the salt flats; note the sluice-gate looking apparatus. But that means it’s a nice step down into the water and a flat sand channel into deeper water.

That deeper water did not disappoint, and this site made it onto our rapidly growing list of favorites. Here’s a big tiger (or black?) grouper just chilling out, and Jazz watching a school of (juvenile creole?) wrasses go by.

Andrew’s fascination with “hiding” groupers continues. Usually they’re graysbys, though in this case we can’t quite tell.

We liked this conglomeration of corals and sponges. Not so much the lionfish (though check out the fairy basslet next to it! This guy wandered into the shot; between their size and skittishness we have yet to get a clear shot of one). And Andrew was super amused by these two sand divers, just sitting there watching the goings-on on the rest of the reef.

Finally, we have the exit through the back reef, with a gross sea cucumber, some bar jacks and black margates, a stoplight parrotfish, and an up-close-and-personal view of a trumpetfish’s ridiculous tiny fins.

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