Scuba Bonaire: Karpata, June 9th

From Tolo we continued north to Karpata, the furthest north site you can get to without a more serious vehicle than a rusted-out pickup truck. This is a really cool site, with a healthy reef full of corals in all kinds of shapes and colors. There are also big orange elephant ear sponges, and brown and purple tube sponges.

We mentioned how trumpetfish hunt over other fish’s shoulders. Here’s one following a french angelfish. Very subtle.

Generally the reef has more hard coral as you get deeper, and more soft corals in shallower areas. Karpata also boasts some extra-hard coral, in the form of some huge, long-overgrown anchors. It never seems sure where the giant schools of fish will be, but it’s a safe bet on all these dives that you’ll run into them somewhere.

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