Scuba Bonaire: Aquarius, June 2nd

As previously mentioned, we sailed to Bonaire from St Croix. We had been doing a reasonable amount of diving in St Croix, but Bonaire is a divers paradise, and we would soon be upping our game. Mainland Bonaire has some 62 official dive sites, as well as 11 official-unofficial sites. Klein Bonaire, a small island in Bonaire’s lee, has another 26. That means we’ve taken lot of dive photos. I think it’s interesting to look back at how our photography skills have changed over our time here, both in terms of what we think is interesting, and our ability to capture it. So, gentle reader (aka Moms), you can fondly watch us grow, or just look at the pretty underwater stuff.

The day after we got checked in, our friends on Dorothy Rose had the community truck for the day, and took us out for our first of many shore dives. Our first stop was Aquarius, one of the marked sites along the coast to the south of Kralendijk, the main town and site of our mooring field. Highlights of these photos: Andrew’s fascination with grasbys trying to hide has not yet worn off. Jazz is super excited to dive with her fancy new fins. And the parrotfish here are much easier to photograph. It’s illegal to hunt them here, so they’re much less scared of divers, and they grow to be much bigger than we’ve seen on other islands. And finally, we found a bunch of what look like monitoring stations at this site. We don’t know what they’re studying, so if you know, drop us a comment.

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