From Mustique, the immaculate private island, we sailed to Canouan, which is neither of those things. It’s quite the contrast. Instead of sparsely distributed palaces and chic air-conditioned shops, we were back to the colorful and densely-packed Caribbean motif, with a densely packed dock, dusty bars, and roadside vegetable stands. And the ever-present entrepreneurial locals, persistent in their efforts to make a buck off of the only outsiders passing by.

And lots of goats.

We went walking, because we’d gotten in the habit, and enjoyed some nice views over Grand Bay. And some other sights along the way, like the tiny and colorful sailboat sitting by the beach, and the cluster of birds watching it from a set of abandoned piles. And an actual Planet Hollywood! Though even out here, it appeared to have closed some time ago.

The People’s Bargain store also deserves special mention. Super friendly people, and they did have a wide range of esoteric things, like some tiny batteries we needed for our salinity tester.

So we hung out for a couple of days, and were treated to a couple of pleasant sunsets.

And we had a couple of guests stop by, to Captain’s immense delight.

But mostly this ended up being a provisioning stop. We would end up stopping by a couple more times for that purpose, as we sailed back and forth between Bequia and the Tobago Cays.


  1. I savor the photo’s and especially the commentary! Thank you! We are preparing for fall. Boat needs put away, pool as well. There is snow on Mount Cashmere. Playing ping pong and pool. We have a new table that is beautiful and provides us lots of action for winter. Travis and Quynn leave in 2 days; they have been so much fun! Stayed here for 5 weeks. Life is good, I’d love to see you guys. Miss you all so much.

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