Footloose, St Kitts as seen by foot

May the fourth may be a holiday for some but May the fifth was much more special for me. That was my first day able to do a real ‘exercise’ walk, and I actually walked all the way to the Cockleshell Bay. May first, restrictions on some activities lifted and my injured ass self started doing masked walks alone. It took me a few days to get far enough and to realize that if i wasn’t out of the house before 7am it would be way to hot to walk the full five miles there and back. Options on walks are limited as there is only one road and two forks off it. I walked all of these many times for the next month, trying to regain some movement in my broken body. However pathetic of an example of physicality it was, at least there were some pretty things to see along the way.

The best part of the walks was all the monkeys out playing around every day. Like the occasional mongoose, they didn’t much like to pose for photos, but this family seemed pretty chill about it.

The other wildlife added some fun pops of color along the way.

May is a lovely time for flowers, and although by the end of the month the dry season was in full steam, there were still quite a few lovely specimens around.

My favorite walk was to Cockleshell beach. A bunch of closed beach bars, and one closed fancy place. Loved looking across at the super close island of Nevis, and super sad were never got to go.

Cockleshell bay had this little gem, Coconut farms. Bought eggs and some veggies every couple walks.

Took a longer side road to the famous Turtle Beach. Honestly only went here once, beach was covered in seaweed and I had a hard time finding beach access. I think this was an abandoned piece of private property that I finally just cut through. Unless the people living there were cool with that amount of garbage in their lawns…

Other bullshit walk stuff.

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