The Full Day Grocery Experience!

Many may ask what is a Full Day Grocery Experience?  And how can I have such an adventure?  Well, I’m here to tell you.

Let’s set the scene. This package deal arrives two weeks into full island 24 hour lockdown when the second set of two-day grocery store openings are announced. The first week’s two grocery days, one day for each half of the island, were opened up for travel to and from the grocery store only. Now this is a full week after that last second day. Week one grocery experience began with only a 3 hour wait to enter the store. But we can do better!

We can arrange a ride from the local liveaboard sailor to the grocery store on the occupied half of the island, with an 8am arrival time at the grocery line!

This is where our deal is the best full day experience!  We offer a full six hour line up with armed guards spacing you out to guarantee the full six feet distancing.  As only one representative per household is allowed, there is no lying to stay near your friends.  But this deal comes with camp chairs!  And a parasol!  And the surprise gift:  forgotten, half-filled purse flask!  Such joy!  Our guards will even escort you to the local public toilet, and after four hours, allow you to purchase water (and maybe even candy!) at the pharmacy nextdoor to the grocery.  Who knew that coconut rum went so well with sour patch kids, well we did!  It doesn’t quite cover up the smell of the open sewage channel next to the last two hours part of the line, but it does make you care less!

With an actual line time of 5 hours 50 minutes, we get your hands sprayed and cart handle sanitized and camp chairs packed up just under the 6 hour marker.  This allows you the full two hours to wander the store, starving and dazed while fighting over the last head of garlic or lettuce with all the other participants.  The game is once you have all but one ingredient for a set of meals do you go without?  Or start over and try to gather new things for something different?  This is the end game challenge for this experience and can often leave a cart with quite a lot of rum and wine.  Remember nothing will be open for at least a week, and you never know for sure when so grab what you can when you can!


  1. Many people vacation; then there are those who adventure! You are definitely an extreme adventurer! My only reason to travel is to get exposed to a new culture; it is fascinating! Thanks for sharing it all! Love you forever!

  2. OMG!! You make this experience sound SO awesome. I would definitely buy a ticket if I hadn’t already seen the show for free. Hilarious! Nice pics, btw. ??

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