The Baths & Virgin Gorda

The highlight of Virgin Gorda, and some say of the BVI in general, is The Baths national park. Huge granite boulders, busily eroding away in geological time, stand together at the shore, forming pools and tunnels. Everyone we spoke to told us to arrive early, before all the tour groups. We did not get up early, and we had to taxi all the way across the island from Leverick Bay. So we ended up walking through one narrow path squeezed between two cruise boat groups around 140 each. Ah well: it was crowded, but still a lovely place to see.

When the hunger kicked in, we took a taxi back up the island to Hog Heaven. The views from the road are spectacular, if a bit harrowing: we found ourselves alone in the back of an open-air taxi, on roads that gave its little engine a run for its money. (I’m lumping in our first taxi ride here as well, because I was amused to be the only ones in a Sarari-style group vehicle every time…)

Hog Heaven also sports a spectacular view. Though with the wind whipping over the top of the mountain, we opted to eat indoors.

A last taxi ride brought us back down the mountain to the dinghy dock. Sidebar: taxis in Virgin Gorda are hard to find and expensive. Be smart, and book a car rental instead. If you arrange it in advance, you can even start and end the rental at your marina! We were foolish and did not do this.

Back out to our boat, and Captain helped us prep for the next day’s sail.

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