DR Touristing: Macorix

We’ve moved out of our apartment, and are busily re-packing the piles of stuff we hastily moved onto the boat at the last minute. As a result, we’re a bit behind processing photos, as we gear up to leave the DR. So, here’s a mini-post, the first half of a great day we had three weeks ago.

We took the Kraken grownups to Puerto Plata, nominally to drop their cat off at the vet. And because I can’t resist the siren song, we stopped in for rum tasting at the one distillery we hadn’t visited yet. Apparently this is the off season, because we showed up and got a private tour. We were super amused at being the only ones in the otherwise-empty theater.

They put on a pretty decent show, and the tasting room is fun to explore, but the rum is not the best. Ah well. We had fun.

And then came the second half of the day… but more about that once we’ve gone through an absurd number of absurd photos.

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