Luperón Beach Day

With our friends visiting, it seemed wrong to miss the place we actually live, so we took a morning to go to the local beach. We took the dinghy, because the initial plan was to go to the beach across the bay, which is a little more private. But on a float-by, it’s not much of a beach, so we toured the other shore briefly, then motored back to our side of the bay and pulled up onto Playa Chiquita.

It’s a small beach, with a nice view out over the harbor channel. There aren’t a lot of people on a Friday morning, but there’s always a good stiff onshore breeze after the morning calm. Note the fate of the unattended chair.

Of course, it was morning and there was sand, so Colin and I decided to build a sand castle. Actually, we started with a pair of foundational mounds, and then got preoccupied trying to dig out adequate protection from the rising tide, and then realized that we’d accidentally built a chest and went with it. The ladies were very proud of our maturity.

Not exactly high art, but we had fun.

Later that night, we took our guests out on the town. We rode in the highest style, four of us plus the driver on a Tuk Tuk, or moto-taxi. Transport highlight: running out of gas on the way home. I figured we’d overloaded the poor little bike engine when it died, so I got out to push, and the driver switched over from propane to gasoline and started it right back up.

Friday night out in Luperón means Karaoke at Wendy’s bar. It’s kind of nice being in a community small enough that there’s one thing to do every night. Friday is always the big night, and Wendy’s did not disappoint.


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